Purix 3D Jelly Powder 75 Gm - Divena In

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  • 3D Jelly Art is the new delicious innovation
  • Perfect for any holiday dessert!
  • 3D Jello Art Cake!

Details: Jelly Powder is perfect for holiday dessert, pair it with different Flavour and make delicious , colourful candies, pudding, 3D jello art cake and also can be combined with other types of dessert as well! Pour 10 grams of Jelly powder into 1-1.4 liters of water according to your preference of the texture. Cook and stir until boil, add in sugar as per the desire taste and keep stirring until totally dissolve. Flavourings and colour can be added if desired. Pour into moulds, let cool until set. Serve chilled.