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1 PC Silicone Hand Gloves Heat Resistant Textured Non-Slip

  • Package contains 1 Piece Silicone Hand Gloves with Five Fingers.
  • Color as per availability
  • Handle Hot Cooking and Baking Utensils from Ovens or BBQ Grills. Protects Hands from Heat and Electric Shock.
  • Textured with Little Hearts That Ensures You Don't Lose Your Grip on Your Kitchen Cookware. BPA-Free, Stain and Smell-Resistant. Hang It on Wall Hooks Conveniently.
  • Heat Resistant up to 220 Degrees and Cold Resistant Up To -30 Degree Celsius. Used for Baking, Dishware, Ovens, Freezers. Easy To Wear and Remove.
  • Made From High Quality Food Grade Silicone. Five Fingers Holds Entire Pot Comfortably. Anti-Dust and Non-Stick to Use. Dishwasher Safe.